Welcome To Being OK!

There’s countless merchandise to come for our clothing line.  I.B.O.K. is building its online store daily.  So, if you looked around and only found a few styles you want, please stay tuned as I.B.O.K. extends its products more each day.  Please check back with us soon to see I.B.O.K.’s additional products and what’s happening with I.B.O.K.’s loyal friends.  We hope you enjoy our site’s vibe, styles and short captioned stories of those wearing our brand.  

Also, since I.B.O.K. does manufacture and print on demand in the United States, if you want to request a custom style or rush order please feel free to email or call us anytime and either myself and/or the processing department will respond as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to Make it Happen for You! 

  • Return emails for questions and/or requests at I.B.O.K. official page will be answered personally by me from  AmyG@IBOK.com.  
  • Merchandise order confirmations will be answered by the processing center, “Really? Designs” from designcoreally@pb03.ascendbywix.com


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